So, how does this work exactly? 

Explore the Readings menu to determine which reading might work best for your needs. If you need help choosing a format, please feel free to contact me using the form on the About page.

To pay you may use Venmo or Cash apps: mountainviewtarot. Sorry for any inconvenience but I no longer accept PayPal. Please provide a contact email when paying, thanks! You will be contacted by me within 24 hours via the email address used for payment. We’ll discuss your query and method of delivery.

Most clients chose email delivery for ease and to have something to return to again and again. I do a recording of me reading for you that you can watch. I can also do live virtual readings with you if you prefer. If you live within 30-ish miles of Tacoma, we can arrange for an in-person session. I also do parties and events! Please use the form on the About page to discuss this fun and engaging option.

You will receive your email reading, including photos of your read, within 4 days of ordering (and often sooner.)

An email reading is a recording of me doing your reading so that you can watch it at your convenience.

What reading should I choose?

That depends on your needs! If you need something quick, a Three Card Reading might suffice. If you want more insight, I suggest my Signature Elemental Read which offers a view of four areas of your life over the next year. A situation or issue needing more depth and focus benefits from a read with more cards such as the classic Celtic Cross spread. I also offer other reads so that you can find the one that fits your personal situation best.

What are good questions to ask?

I read tarot to help empower people in their own lives. Asking questions that focus on you as the architect and builder of your life are best (“How can I open my life up for love? “How can I deal with this particular situation at work?”) This also opens up your read to include plans and options.

Open-ended questions are always best for tarot reads. You can give me as much or as little information as you feel comfortable doing.  Unless you tell me someone is being hurt, our readings are entirely confidential.

Please note: * I do not read tarot for any health or medical-related questions.
* I also do not read for situations that do not directly impact you. If you feel someone needs a read, consider purchasing one for them as it makes a memorable and loving gift.

So, can tarot predict my future?

That is a common question and a good one to ask before you purchase a read. Tarot mainly reads the energy around you and your situations. It can help you better understand your place in your life. It can open up pathways to the life you want that you might not have seen before. Tarot can offer plans, advice, and directions you might not have considered (or did not want to face, as I often find when I get my own reads!)

Sometimes tarot can offer more specific information. I’ve had deceased love ones come through readings. I’ve had time frames make themselves apparent to clients. We never know what will come through a tarot read. What I do know is that tarot works best when you see yourself as the architect and builder of your life. Tarot can offer blueprints and tools that you can immediately use.

Legal disclaimer:

A tarot reading does not replace medical, legal, or financial advice. Please be advised that I am not legally liable for actions taken in response to a reading. Tarot reads are for entertainment purposes only in many states.  I do not offer tarot readings to anyone under the age of 18 so by purchasing a read, you confirm you are over 18.