Card study: Knight of Pentacles

IMG_20190215_091810_301Kim Krans reframes the court cards as a family, which is an interesting take.  If you struggle with the court cards, take a look at elements like body language, facial expressions, an actions. Noticed how the Son of Pentacles has a serious expression on his face. His head is down, a bit like nose-to-the-grindstone. He’s clearly focused on a detail in front of him. Which is excellent for when you’re trying to accomplish a goal. But don’t forget to look up and see the bigger picture. Often this card is telling you that you need to take a wider view. If you’re having trouble focusing, then this card is a message to limit distraction.

The important element for me here is that blazing sun above him. That’s the success, that’s the goal. Keep that bright goal in mind as you move forward. And if you’re feeling bored or uninspired, try to find that ray of sunshine on your journey. Know you might have to look hard to find it.

He is a good one to see when money or leadership/career are in question. FOCUS, FOCUS, and be frugal, he says. Do not count chickens before they hatch. Do not take anything for granted. Hone in on details, keep the big picture in mind, and be prepared for a long haul.