Card Study: Eight of Cups

eight of cups.jpgAnother eight to study. Eights are when we have opportunity for stability, insight, pausing before climbing that last hill but with some valuable perspective to help guide us.

This is a call for healing attention. You are asked to see how clearly you can view situations, especially your role in them, and see how far you can move forward from where you are now. When I see this card lately, I feel that it is a call for healing attention. I use that word attention specifically. I no longer believe that we are Healed End of Story. Healing is a constant process. In our dominant culture, we want everything to have finality. We want gold stars and stamps of completion. But the reality is that life is an unfolding process. When we heal, we must know that we are committing to a lifelong process. Fortunately as we heal, we do make progress. This card is all about making progress in our healing.

So when you see this card, know something needs healing attention right now. Know that the work you’ve done for healing has made a difference. But the situation now needs new attention and new points of focus.

When using this card, I invite you to use that phrase: healing attention. That allows yourself or your client to know that this is a process. It is a journey and not necessarily a destination as much as we want it to be.


Card study: Ten of Cups

When certain cards come up, we often jump to an initial interpretation. The Ten of Cups is one of those. We want to assure ourselves or our clients that all will be well when we see this card. It truly is a lovely card. The cups are overflowing and there is lush greenery. But we also see a few clues that give more nuance to this card.

IMG_20190314_081338_393.jpgThe figure here is alone and usually this card depicts groups, specifically nuclear families (because we all come from a normal one of those!). And when we see the look on her face, there’s complexity there. It’s not the pure joy we usually see depicted on groups of loving people. More on that in a bit.

We also see a mountain in the background. Mountains tend to signify journeys, obstacles, and adversity. This lets us know that we’ve gotten to the Ten of Cups through a hard journey. And that Journey might not be completely over. While we have overflowing cups, we still bear the scars of that journey and those will never go away.

We also have to ask ourselves how fulfilled we are in this card. The clue for that is looking at the expression on the figure pictured. This card shows us that much as well but not all is well. It reminds us that was with the sweet often comes the bitter. I don’t see that as depressing or disheartening. It’s realistic and it acknowledges the hard work that comes with being in a better, more fulfilling place in your life.

Card Study: Six of Cups

IMG_20190127_172539_876.jpgSome depictions of the six of cups invite us to consider our childhood or look at our past through the lenses of nostalgia or innocence. The Six of Cups can sometimes represent the idea that we are looking at the past through rose-colored glasses. But I especially like this representation of the Six of Cups. It invites one to go deeper and consider how our Roots impact us. What threads from our past and our ancestors’ paths root us now? This can be rooting that is grounded. But it could also be rooting that keeps us from growing. It is probably a mixture of both. Consider the rainbow of colors that make up the roots in this image. They invite us to consider the complexity of what makes us who we are.

Card study: The Five of Cups

IMG_20190110_082238_682This is never a card anyone likes to see in a reading but it reflects a common human experience and one needed for growth. The cups have spilled and are empty. Outside we see that the storm is still brewing. It’s not as strong but it’s still going. This lets us know that the situation is not over yet.

But the important thing is to notice what the figure in the image is doing. She is looking and reflecting. She is not running away or turning her head. She is openly examining the situation. She is experiencing the pain of this heartbreak.

Leaning in to our pain and sitting with it is a challenge few of us want to face. We numb with alcohol, technology, overloading our schedules, work, and other distractions. Yes, some of these are necessary (food, work, social time, raising our kids, for example.) But we over do them. They become ways to avoid just sitting quietly and feeling our pain. Trust me, this is my journey right now. It is tempting to numb myself, but instead I challenge myself to experience the full feeling of the Five of Cups.