Card study: Princess (Page) Of Swords

psThere is a lot going on in this card. A quick reminder that Pages often serve as Messengers. They also represent the beginning of a cycle towards mastery.
Let’s just break down the symbols themselves to start understanding this card.

Notice the way the sword is being held upright and is blossoming out of a Lotus. Lotuses represents beauty that comes from hard work and being willing to dig into the literal dirt. The upright sword represents focus. When we usually start an undertaking, we are focused and ready to go out there.

Notice that the sword is translucent. Whatever we’re about to undertake is not yet fully formed.We don’t have a plan quite yet because we’re still fantasizing about what we want. That is a really important part of any undertaking: Taking the time to sit and dream.

The sky is clear and the Sun is bright which indicates that now is a good time for this undertaking. We are not assured of success but we knew do know that signs point to yes. Notice the bird flying in front of the Sun. A bird flying up high represents having a big picture sense. So that’s where we’re being told to point are energies. Right now as we fantasize we need to try to also get a sense of the bigger picture. Birds flying also connect to our souls. While swords is the suit of our minds, this bird reminds us to remember the place of our soul in our undertakings.


Card study: foxy!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 3.29.41 PMI love the fox for this card. Yes the seven of Swords can symbolize that you were someone is not being completely truthful. But this can also be strategic and self-protective and not necessarily malicious. The fox here asks us to see through any deceptions that we or others might be putting up. But he also advises us that sometimes keeping to ourselves can be best in tricky situations.

Card study: Three of Swords

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.40.34 PMThree of Swords. This is not a card anyone enjoys seeing even though it reflects a truth we all experience. This card indicates there is heartbreak in our lives. It might be past heartbreak that continues to haunt us. It might be heartbreak we are doing our best to prevent, even though it might need to happen for growth to occur. Heartbreak is inevitable. As Mary Oliver wrote, ‘It is better for the heart to break, than not to break.’

One of my favorite things about this incarnation of this card from the Wild Unknown deck is that the swords are all bound up together. No pain exist in a vacuum. There are painful experiences in which one is not to blame. But this doesn’t refer to those situations. This refers to painful situations in which all involved play a part. We all must figure out our contribution, however small, so that we can begin to untangle ourselves from the pain. The wonderful book Difficult Conversations outlines ways for us to communicate more honestly and productively and ALWAYS from a place that acknowledges feelings. It focuses on the idea that in many situations, all players contribute in some way, small or medium or large, to painful experiences. If we are to move forward, we must figure out how we contributed and help others do the same. We are the tangled red threads in this image. We can stay bound up and messy. Or we can unweave this tangled web toward a new freedom.

Card study: the Prince of Swords as Aquarius

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11.36.13 AMIn #thecosmictarot the Prince of Sword is represented by the sign of Aquarius. Notice the symbol on his cravat. This deck uses astrology and planetary symbols often. Getting to know these symbols gives you quick but deep insight into cards. Many decks use these symbols to represent cards so putting in the time is worth it.

Aquarius men are independent, a bit eccentric, but highly intellectual and deep thinkers. The Prince of Swords personifies these ideas to a T! Fortunately they are also humanitarians to enjoy helping others by solving their problems. They are not DOERS or caretakers or emotional supports necessarily. They prefer to listen to problems in order to pinpoint the best plan of action. (Which they feel is the BEST and ONLY plan of action, of course!) They do not like being disagreed with and can be a bit of a Rebel Rouser. When you see the Prince of Swords, there is the possibility that annoying but ultimately inconsequential trouble is ahead. (He’s a rebel just for kicks, yeah.)

In being represented by the sign of Aquarius, we also get a sense of the Prince of Swords tendency to be a bit aloof and unemotional. The Sword court overall shies away from the world of emotions. They hide behind their keen intellect and sometimes biting sarcastic wit. Feelings are not their strong suit, so beware of this Prince when he comes up in a reading about Romance.