Card study: Two of Pentacles

IMG_20190221_074003_859.jpgThis is a card that often speaks to juggling and trying to keep it all together. What I love about the imagery in this card is what it suggests about the juggling. It is juggling that is truly transformational. In the moment we might feel like we are just one more step away from total chaos. But in the bigger picture of our lives, this process has transformed us into that beautiful butterfly. And we have what we need inside already to take on what we need. Our job is to dig deep and find that.

This card also suggest through the figure eight does it balance we are trying to achieve is connected to a bigger purpose somehow. Again it can be hard to see that in the midst of daily life. This card really focuses on the ways an individual is managing their lives. It’s only once we get past this card to the Three of Pentacles that the idea of community and helping others with their daily lives come in to play.


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