Card study: Temperance

IMG_20190212_175825_516I love The Wild Unknown versions of so many cards because the artist manages to bring out so many of the subtleties of the cards. Thris deck can be a challenge to tarot newbies for sure. When I started reading again, it took me a long time to vibe with this deck. Once I let go of reading tarot with my brain and allowed my intuition to take over, I got the hang of this deck. It’s my go-to deck for myself and for others to whom I feel spiritually close. I occassionally will use it for a client read if that is the “hit” I get. But I only use it for clients with whom I have an existing relationship. This is an intimate deck for me that speaks to issues of the soul.

Temperance involves taking existing elements and combining them to create something new in the hopes of achieving balance. Remember that salient point, existing elements, when using this card. Also remember that this card, in addition to being one that tells us that balance is important in our life, also reminds us that creativity is needed. The act of creating is usually a means to realignment. Like the Page of Cups, this is a card for artists. It is a card that reminds us that we need our watery emotions and our fiery passion and physical self to create and to find balance.

Try to dig deeper when this card pops up. My thoughts on the majors is that they reflect to us what we already know on a gut or heart level, but do not allow to fully articulate in our minds. So the majors can sometimes feel nebulous. This card does speak to a need for balance, but a DEEPER balance. The soul’s purpose right now is not aligned. The soul is off-course. This is not a time for the soul to start something totally new. It is a time for us to see what we have around us that we can already use to get back on track. Think more Marie Kondo teaching people to take what already exists in their lives and find joy, purpose, and structure in that as opposed to Queer Eye giving a COMPLETE makeover.


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