Card study: Three of Pentacles

card study.jpgThis card is all about building a solid foundation upon which to grow in the physical areas of your life. There are few key points to know this. First of all, take note that this is being done communally. This is not a solo effort, but one that involves those we can trust and depend upon to do their part. Also notice that’s the foundation is still a bit precarious. The workers are struggling in their efforts which lets us know this is not an easy task. One of the workers appears to be off balance. So if that’s how our early efforts at Foundation Building feel, that is dead on!

The number three represents early foundation building, too. Four is considered a stable foundation. Three is a foundation with possibility for growing further UP. Three also represents the ideas of self-expression, expansion and creative work. These are elements crucial to the success of any venture we undertake.

If you are in the early stages of building a foundation, consider a reading with me. We can work through ideas, envision your journey, and plan a blueprint.


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