Card study: The Hierophant

img_20190104_095602_758Getting back to doing card studies. Got a whole slot of studies for the next few weeks on Deck. Pun intended. This week we are going to look at the Hierophant. You can see all of the shapes that support the idea of structure. Structured learning is an important part of this card. But notice a few other details that give us further insights.

The bird in the upper left reminds us to always try to see the big picture and have perspective on what we are learning. Birds also symbolize our connection to our souls. So we should try to include our souls as well as our heads in our learning. Birds also symbolize our desire to connect to a higher power, however we define that.

The second thing to notice is the presence of both male and female energy here. Traditional learning can be very male-dominated. This rendition of the card reminds us that even within the bounds of structured learning, we should try to value all types of knowledge and ways of learning.


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