Card study: shapes and colors

IMG_20180618_143657_556I love the rich imagery in #thewildunknown deck. Artist Kim Krans uses color and shapes vividly to convey intense and layered meanings. I love the new meanings offered in this card through the images represented.

I love the use of the god’s-eye in this card. This symbol signifies the ability to see things unknown but felt. What became a children’s craft to many Westerners is originally a sacred Mexican symbol for seeing beyond the physical eye and seeing the unknown. How powerful to see it here.

Krans understands lines and how they can convey complex ideas. All of the lines here work together on this card to create a space that feels enclosed yet safe. The diamond pattern in the Wild Unknown deck is used to different effect. Sometimes it is suffocating, while in cases like this, it is enveloping in a loving way. And I especially love the contrasting colors: the soothing and calming blue which is a lovely contrast to the fiery yellows and oranges. Our mind’s eye works best when passion is part of the lens.


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