Card study: Snakes in cards

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.30.11 PMI love using #thecosmictarot for client reads. They are so rich and the symbolism really helps people connect to the reading. The creator relied heavily on the informative and (fairly) universal framework of Jungian symbolism in crafting this incredible deck. I especially love how this deck invites clients to find images that resonate with them and interact with me through symbolic interpretation.

Yesterday I did a reading for a client going through major transformation. When this card came up, the imagery of the crumbling buildings and the figure under assault really resonated with her. I also pointed out the snake which symbolizes transformation in the lower left. We discussed what was happening with the snake and if that resonated with any sabotaging she might have been unintentionally doing with her transformations. I love writing about snakes because they are so rich in symbolism. Their shedding skin advises us to shed what no longer serves us so that we can emerge new and reborn. Our new skin might be tender; it needs us to get moving in order to toughen it up for this new leg of our journey. But we have the opportunity, like the snake, to experience continual renewal.


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