Card study: Towers

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11.39.25 AMTowers loom large in the background of many cards in myriad decks. They instill immediate reactions and carry so many meanings. Humans have attempted to build towers for centuries for varied reasons ranging from trying to reach G-d to protecting kingdoms. Fairy tales abound with princesses locked away into towers, giving us a sense of the tower as a symbol of masculine power. Their phallic shape is another giveaway, but towers definitely carry male energy centered around power, violence, hubris, and protection. Towers can symbolize a sense of entitlement when viewed from this lens.

All of these cards feature some type of Tower. Some of the towers are behind the person perhaps representing their power. Other Towers don’t look particularly stable and have questionable use. Start noticing towers beyond the Tower card in your deck. What are they built out of? Where are they and what do they appear to be used for? Towers can symbolize our hubris and attempts to ascend to Heaven. They can also represent a prison, such as a place where a princess might be locked away. The towers can also represent power and fortitude and protection. And they also represent the opportunity to rise above and get a bird’s-eye view. Of course the intentions behind getting that bird’s eye view should be taken into consideration such as in the Devil card. His tower is fit for prison guards keeping sharp eye on prisoners.


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