Card study: the Prince of Swords as Aquarius

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11.36.13 AMIn #thecosmictarot the Prince of Sword is represented by the sign of Aquarius. Notice the symbol on his cravat. This deck uses astrology and planetary symbols often. Getting to know these symbols gives you quick but deep insight into cards. Many decks use these symbols to represent cards so putting in the time is worth it.

Aquarius men are independent, a bit eccentric, but highly intellectual and deep thinkers. The Prince of Swords personifies these ideas to a T! Fortunately they are also humanitarians to enjoy helping others by solving their problems. They are not DOERS or caretakers or emotional supports necessarily. They prefer to listen to problems in order to pinpoint the best plan of action. (Which they feel is the BEST and ONLY plan of action, of course!) They do not like being disagreed with and can be a bit of a Rebel Rouser. When you see the Prince of Swords, there is the possibility that annoying but ultimately inconsequential trouble is ahead. (He’s a rebel just for kicks, yeah.)

In being represented by the sign of Aquarius, we also get a sense of the Prince of Swords tendency to be a bit aloof and unemotional. The Sword court overall shies away from the world of emotions. They hide behind their keen intellect and sometimes biting sarcastic wit. Feelings are not their strong suit, so beware of this Prince when he comes up in a reading about Romance.


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