Card study: Four of Cups and Horses and Castles

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 7.50.55 PM.pngThe castle and mountains in the background speak big achievements and hard-won success. Depending on the context that could mean great achievement has been hard-won and is not appreciated. Or perhaps we are being told that it is going to be hard work to get out of our heads and appreciate what’s in front of us but that the payoff is big.

Castles also represent protection. Protection is not always what we need. Protection can be confining. Protection can keep us from seeing truth that we need to in order to grow. We don’t want to be the princess locked away in a castle, waiting to be saved.

I find the horse in the background to be the most interesting part of this card. Horses carry many symbols with them. They are the freedom that we have harnessed so that we can have our own freedom of movement. Horses also signify our animal self combined with keen and sensitive intelligence.


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