Card study: Ace of Wands

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 4.36.22 PMLet’s take a look at the Ace of Wand again, from the perspective of the Hanson Roberts sweet, fairy-like deck. I love this deck for a gentle read. In fact, I’ve given this deck to my three-year-old son for HIS deck (he likes looking at them occasionally right now and talking about the stories he sees!)

Make sure you’re checking out the backgrounds of cards. They offer just as rich of a story as what goes on in the foreground. Even the seemingly simplest background still carries a story. Castles symbolize not only fortitude, strength, and protection but they also symbolize great achievement. Notice the great achievement is set upon a small mountain. This lets us know that there is much work ahead so harness the energy of this card.

I love how the Hanson Roberts’ wands flower and bloom forth. White flowers represent purity, which is a gentle reminder about our intentions as we move forward with our ambitions. White flowers also represent feminine energy, which adds some nice flow to the masculine energy of the Ace of Wands.


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