Card study: Six of Pentacles

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 4.23.49 PM.pngWhat I find so interesting about this card are the symbols surrounding the main figure. Notice the mountains in the back. They’re not steep and they look rather easy to climb letting us know that the task in front of us is not hard one. Mountains also represent a safe haven; a place we can run to for shelter and safety.

We see lots of birds flying around: are they bringing messages? Perhaps they are gaining New Perspective? Birds also represent our higher selves. I think all of these interpretations add a new layer to thinking about the message of this card.

And finally it’s so interesting that there’s a moon here and not a sun. Whenever I see the moon, I pause and wonder if it’s telling me that some things are better off unspoken. In Judaism, the best deeds are the ones that no one knows you did and therefore, cannot repay or acknowledge.



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