Card study: The Hanged Man

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 3.39.52 PM.pngThe Hanged Man advises us that it is time to surrender ourselves to the deep process of self-discovery and prepare for sacrifice in order to grow. It calls to mind the idea of The Dark Night of the Soul during which we crave and desire connection to a greater being with the passion usually reserved for a lover. But one must be careful not to hang too long. At some point you must open or close the door before you.

Most likely the sun is setting behind the figure hanging from the branch. It creates a halo around the figure’s head that speaks to angels or enlightened beings. It is significant that the sun is setting because darkness is coming as we traverse the Major Arcana. Through darkness, we can seek truth through mystery.

Finally, always notice skies when they are pictured: are the skies clear or cloudy? What kind of clouds are they; do they portend a storm or breeze calmly?



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