Nine of Wands: cobras

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.32.19 PMCard study: Nine of Wands. There’s a lot of powerful imagery in this card! We know the lion stands for our untamed self and our animal instincts. It represents passion that propels us through our journey. But notice the Cobra wrapped around the prominent wand. Cobras carry different imagery than most snakes. They do represent transformation as do most types of snakes. But they also represent both a means of death and an antidote to death, according to ancient Egyptian mythology. So what could kill you could also cure you.

Further, because of their size and the way they can raise their bodies, they also represent the raising of Kundalini energy,  a strong and primal energy. Kundalini energy is sacred. It is a form of enlightenment and awakening this coiled serpent should not be taken lightly. What is interesting is that this serpent can be awakened not only by study and/or a guru, but also through trauma, sexual experiences with someone with an awakened Kundalini energy, or illness.


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